The #SafeSpacePainting Project began when I realized my child was having severe anxiety and panic attacks. I felt helpless. I wanted to make a Safe Space for her. As an artist, I used my practice to work through what Safe Space means.  Within the language of abstraction, I noticed that a red form emerged that unified my work.  It became a focal point, a place for the eye to come back to again and again. I used that form as a poetic metaphor for “Safe Space.” Over time, it became clear to me the theme of “Safe Space” spoke to a deeper need in the thread of humanity: A place to call home within the chaos and uncertainty of the modern world.  Paintings are longing wrapped in texture, color, and form. I am not certain about many things, but I do know that we are the perfect mix of dust, mind, and spirit.  That grace, just like surrender, is found in a small, still, red room.


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